The Golden Retriever Club of Scotland hosts a special 5-day event every 5 years at the birthplace of the breed - the ruins of Guisachan House, Tomich, Glen Affric, Scotland. Each time, the number of participants increases. They really come from all over the world, from all continents. And all of them are enthusiastic lovers of the breed.

5 years ago we were without our dogs on a flying visit for 2 days. We came home with the firm wish that we want to be there next time with our dogs. And from 10 to 14 July this year, on the occasion of the 155th birthday of the Golden Retriever, it was time again - the Guisachen Gathering 2023!  

Our little Bree and her mom Joyce were lovingly cared for by the Little Violet's over the duration of the trip and together with Kate, Keylam, Kayla and Nia we fulfilled our wish. Around the Gathering week, we put on a Scotland holiday that got us excited about this wonderful and incomparable country.

The Gathering with an informal welcome evening full of fun games with a dog, the afternoon tea and the Scottish evening were wonderful opportunities to get to know each other and exchange ideas with the participants. The night walk to the ruins of Guisachan House accompanied by bagpipe sounds and the lighting of the ruins in different colors, in conjunction with the toast to Lord Tweedmouth, the founding father of our breed, was a moment with goosebumps. And also the many great dogs at the final champion show were breathtaking.

Our highlight was the afternoon picnic at the ruins and the "big picture". All dogs present should be united for a photo in front of the ruins. It was indescribable! 466 Golden Retrievers in one picture! And the four of us were there :)

In addition to Guisachen House, we visited the statue in honor of our breed in Tomich and of course the memorial stone at the ruins. It was a terrific 5 days - "just the place to be" for all those who love the Golden Retriever.


Bei Interesse an mehr Eindrücken von unserer Reise gibt es ein Video